On the subject of ‘Randomness’

I recently stumbled across this website where one can generate what is known as ‘true’ random numbers: http://www.random.org and an article about what is true randomness: http://www.random.org/randomness/

Here the case is made the random numbers generated by computer programs are pseudo-random rather than true random numbers since they’re generated from an algorithm, a programming recipe, and the stream of numbers generated are entirely predictable and repeatble if the algorithm is known. The article then asserts that true random numbers can be generated by physical phenomena such as atmospheric noise or radioactive decay and that an appropriate definition of randomness is that which cannot be predicted by humans, which I tend to agree with.

This brings up a whole slew of philosophical viewpoints involving the correct definition of determinism. For one may claim that atmospheric phenomenon may also follow an algorithm known only to God or Nature.

After all chaos theory has been used to help explain atmospheric phenomena and posit that a butterfly effect does exist.

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