Real Madrid 0 – 2 Barcelona @ Bernabeu

It’s all over at the Bernabeu as the so-called Galacticos of Real Madrid are soundly beaten by the Ballers of Barcelona led by a certain Lionel de Messi.

A few points:

1. The match showed the difference between buying and building a team as Barca played the more coherent football, stringing passes together seemingly at will, at the expense of the hapless Madridistas.
2. This should put to bed once and for all any argument as to whether CR9 is better than Lionel, as CR9 was a shadow of his former self. I guess he now realizes that ManUtd made him look much better than he is.
3. My most appropriate analogy wrt. these 2 teams is that Barcelona is the smart kid in the class who doesn’t need to study and always ends up with straight As, while Real is like the kid who’s studies and swots a lot, but tends to end up short…

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