Capital Markets Firms Turn to Cloud Computing by Wall Street & Technology

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Capital Markets Firms Turn to Cloud Computing by Wall Street & Technology.

Good article that highlights the confusion over what cloud computing really means in the financial services industry as well as it’s primary challenge in gaining acceptance: security concerns.

Arbitrage Pricing Theory

Posted April 4th, 2010 by FemiByte
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Very succint definition of arbitrage in Bodie, Kane and Marcus “Essentials of Investments” : Arbitrage is the act of exploiting the mispricing of 2 or more securities to achieve risk-free profits.

I am preparing for the FRM Risk Management exam, and I have to read the following reading on the arbitrage pricing theory (APT) : Expected Returns and the APT, by Grinold and Kahn, but I feel that the treatment of the APT in Bode, Kane and Marcus is much better for someone who is learning about the theory for the 1st time.

All about Computing in the Cloud

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Cloud computing seems to be another of those IT industry buzzwords. Nevertheless, it has generated enough buzz to make it worthy of an investigation. Hence this thread. I’ll be investigating and commenting all about this new IT trend in the coming weeks. To kickstart it, let me post some links which I’ll be reading soon.


Arsenal 2 – 2 Barca @ Emirates – 3/31/09

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I watched the wonderful feast of futbol at the Emirates as Arsenal cam back from 0-2 down to draw 2-2 with Messi & co. Now at the Nou Camp next week, the cry from the Gooners fans must surely be : 1-nil to the Arsenal…

Couple of points though:

1. Almunia saved Arsenal’s bacon in the 1st half with some really wonderful saves? Does that make him worth keeping? Esp. since his 2nd half howler led to the 1st Barca goal. I think he lost them the EPL on Sat. with his howler against Brum. Wenger is stubborn. He should have gone for David James @ Pompey and would’ve gotten him for next to nothing. A good goalkeeper can’t help you win the title, but a bad keeper will surely make you lose it.

2. Bendtner’s lack of class showed why Wenger should have fought to keep Adebayor @ the Emirates at all costs. I can’t believe Bendtner’s miss. Not a top striker by any means…